Lucio Giuliodori

I’m an Italian lecturer, researcher and writer, currently teaching at Ruden University, Moscow. After my Ph.D in Philosophy (dissertation on Pavel Florensky), I moved to Russia where I have been teaching for eight years.

My main fields of research mainly falls within the perspective of Italian Studies.
First of all the Avant-Gardes: Dadaism, Futurism, De Chirico’s Metaphysical Art and contemporary “Surrealism”.
Secondly, the so called “Tradition” and all the Italian authors and artists connected to it, let us mention Zolla, Evola, Assagioli and, last but not least, Battiato. To this category is linked my interest in the philosophical implications of Quantum Mechanics, some of whose  assumptions display a quite interesting conceptual kinship to the Traditionalist Weltanschauung.

I have published a number of academic papers on those topics and have spoken about them at numerous international conferences. For further and updated details you can see my Google Scholar page or my page.

I have also published various books of ekphrastic poetry (mostly inspired by contemporary surrealist paintings), several of these collections have been awarded literary prizes. Here's my Amazon page.