Lucio Giuliodori

This book, written in Italian and English (298 pages), can be used both as a self-taught manual and as a manual for use in groups with a teacher.

It is the result of ten years of teaching Italian at all levels, both in schools and in universities, working with both adolescents and adults, even with elderly people.

Over these years I have been able to ascertain which are the major difficulties a student can encounter and consequently, based on them, I have written this book.

In the Italian language, grammar needs special attention as it is at times very articulated, for example, the verbal system which is much more complex than the English one. For this reason, grammar must be thoroughly examined and assimilated very carefully, in a guided path, step by step.

Thanks to my experience I have treasured how to prevent and overcome possible problems that a student may encounter approaching Italian. This text is therefore the result of different “experiments” and applications of different methods, such as the communicative one. From the first lesson you will begin to speak, even if it is in an elementary way, obviously.

The articles will be introduced little by little so that the student can first become familiar with them - both consciously and unconsciously - and then face them directly. The same goes for the verbal system which will be presented in a very accurate and gradual manner so that the student can adequately assimilate it, he/she can “digest it without indigestion” in short.

The book begins with the main rules of pronunciation and phonetics keeping up with the present tense, obviously covering all three conjugations, then moving up to prepositions, modal and reflexive verbs.

After each lesson in order to memorize the rules studied, exercises related to the topic presented will be assigned. Every theme or new topic is explained in detail, the explanation is in both English and Italian and the student is literally accompanied towards the acquisition of the language in a path that proceeds step by step and without haste.

Much importance will also be given to the lexicon, in each lesson the proposed contexts will be the most disparate, so that the student can always acquire new vocabulary, as well as new grammatical topics.

In conclusion, I’d like to wish you good luck in learning Italian, hope you will enjoy the book and having fun studying it!



Lucio Giuliodori

The book is available both in paperback and Kindle version, here's the link to its Amazon page.

Cover art: Gerardo Dottori, Paesaggio, 1931.