Lucio Giuliodori

Avantguardiais a surrealist international project that combines  images, music and words.

Soundtrack by: Mace and Shablo •  

A film by: Ok Rocco and Pepsy Romanoff •

Produced By: Thaurus - Except - Hello Savants •

Digital Partner : ThinkingAbout •

Executive Producer by: Maurizio Vassallo •

Publishing and Copyright: Giovanni Valle •

Words by: Lucio Giuliodori •

Written by: Rido •

Director of Photography by: Emanuele Cerri •

Additional Footage by: Dario Garegnani •

Music Curator: Mace • Created By: Shablo - Ok Rocco - Pepsy Romanoff •

AVANTGUARDIA - All Rights Reserved •

Copyright and Publishing 2015

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